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Show Off Your Brand with Your Very Own App

Get your restaurant a special spot on your customers' phones with your very own app. It's just like having your restaurant's front door right in their pocket.

- Stand out with your brand
- Make ordering super easy
- Keep your customers coming back

“ As the owner of Kampus Kebab & Pizzeria, making the switch to Foodapp has been a game-changer for us. We now have our very own branded mobile app and our customers absolutely love the convenience it provides. Not to mention, the direct marketing tools and seamless management features have really helped us elevate our business. I've never been happier and more confident about our growth. ”

Kampus Kebab & Pizzeria

Running Your Restaurant Just Got Easier

Keep tabs on your restaurant from anywhere with our handy app. Get live updates, watch your business grow, and change up your menu with just a few taps.

- Keep track of orders in real-time
- Watch your business grow with insights
- Change your menu anytime, anywhere

“ Foodapp has completely transformed the way we do business at Rio Pizzeria. Having our own dedicated mobile app has truly set us apart from the competition. The ease of use for both us and our customers is unparalleled. It's exciting to see our brand in the palms of our customers' hands and even more thrilling to see our sales grow. With Foodapp, we've not only saved money, but also boosted our customer satisfaction significantly. ”

Rio Pizzeria

Ready to Revolutionize Your Restaurant Business?

Embrace the power of your very own mobile app and enjoy the seamless, user-friendly experience that Foodapp offers. It's more than just a software, it's your partner in success. Come onboard, let's elevate your restaurant to new heights, together.

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Ready to Revolutionize Your Restaurant Business?

Publish your own branded mobile apps for your business

Your application, your brand, your customer, and your tasty food! FoodApp provides easy-to-use and visually appealing native Android and iOS apps that put your business at your customers' fingertips. Our apps are optimized in all ways to make the ordering process intuitive and pleasant.

“ Transitioning to Foodapp has been one of the best decisions we've made for Ravintola Special Burger. Our custom mobile app gives our customers a smooth ordering experience, while the direct marketing capabilities allow us to keep them engaged and coming back for more. Our profits have increased, third-party commissions have decreased, and customer happiness is at an all-time high. Truly, Foodapp is a game changer. ”

Ravintola Special Burger

Restaurant management app

By using this app, you can take online orders instantly on your smartphone or tablet. Each time an order is placed, you get a real-time notification on your device. All it takes is a tap for you to confirm the order!

“ Here at Pizza 8 Delivery & Take Away, we've found a remarkable ally in Foodapp. The convenience of having our own branded mobile app has transformed the way our customers interact with us. The hassle-free ordering and secure payment systems have increased customer trust, and the ease of restaurant management has streamlined our operations. With Foodapp, we've hit new milestones in sales and customer satisfaction. It's a win-win situation! ”

Pizza 8 Delivery & Take Away

Transform Your Restaurant Experience

Dive into the future of restaurant management with Foodapp. Create your own branded mobile app and website, elevate your sales, and experience seamless business operations. Let's create a unique dining experience for your customers, together.

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Quick, Easy, and Safe Payments

Make it super easy for your customers to pay for their orders. With our secure payment system, they can trust that their information is safe.

- Safe and secure payments
- Super quick checkout
- Build trust and keep customers coming back

“ With our own app created through Foodapp, we've revolutionized the way we connect with our customers at The Golden Grill. The ability to send direct offers and news has kept our patrons in the loop, boosting our sales significantly. The interactive features have been a hit too, adding a fun element that keeps customers engaged and coming back for more. It's an innovative and effective way to build customer relationships. ”

Pizza Vegas

Do More Than Just Take Orders

Your app isn't just for ordering food. Let customers book tables and earn rewards right within the app. It's like having a waiter, receptionist, and loyalty card all in one place.

- Let customers book tables
- Reward customers with a loyalty program
- Offer a full-service restaurant experience

“ We've seen a remarkable difference at Ravintola Tabasco since we started using Foodapp. Having our own app to send out deals and promotions has allowed us to highlight our unique offerings and increase our sales. What really sets it apart are the interactive features; they've helped us form a fun and engaging bond with our customers. The convenience and creativity that Foodapp offers are truly unparalleled. ”

Ravintola Tabasco

Reach Out to Your Customers Directly

Say goodbye to getting lost in the crowd of marketplace apps. With your very own app, you can reach your customers directly with special offers and exciting news.

Send out offers and news directly

Keep your customers updated with the latest happenings, offers and exciting news with the direct messaging feature.

Promote special deals to boost sales

Highlight special deals and promotions directly on your app, increasing visibility and potentially boosting sales.

Keep your customers close

Build a direct connection with your customers. Regular interaction can help foster loyalty and repeat business.

Engage with Interactive Features

Add a new layer to customer interaction with in-app features. From fun polls to digital reward games, keep your customers engaged and entertained.

We're Here to Help You Grow

No matter if you're a single location or a growing chain, our app has got you covered. As your business grows, your app grows with you.

We've got your back

No matter how many locations you have. Run single or multiple outlets effortlessly with our scalable app.

Grow your business with us

Our app adapts to your growing customer base and order volumes, simplifying your expansion.

Manage your whole chain from one place

Oversee menus, orders, and more across all outlets from one central point.

Track Performance Across Outlets

Access analytics to compare outlet performances for informed decisions.

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