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Your application, your brand, your customers and your online ordering system. Powered by FoodApp.

FoodApp is everything you need to accept orders directly from your own sites and apps, offer digital ordering from kiosks or phones, and grow your business with marketing and loyalty campaigns.

Experience our top-tier ordering software, now empowering over 687 global restaurants.

Discover what Foodapp can do for you

Unlock the potential of your restaurant with Foodapp. Propel sales, deepen customer loyalty, and curb unnecessary costs. Embrace a platform that's all about your brand's success. Start your journey with us.

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Discover what Foodapp can do for you

Get your brand's custom digital ordering system, live in just 5 minutes.

Elevate your brand and revenue with our commission-free online ordering system - ready for launch in just 5 minutes. This bespoke solution not only fuels customer loyalty but shields your profits from third-party aggregator fees.

Tailor it to perfectly align with your brand aesthetic, effortlessly integrate it into any website, and save the hefty 25-50% typically lost to aggregators every month. Your margin, protected. Your brand, promoted. Your revenue, grown.

“ Embracing this service was a turning point for Pizza Drive. Our online orderings skyrocketed, sales flourished, and the joy we brought to our customers was tangible. It wasn't just about the numbers; it was about forging stronger connections and making our customers feel valued. Truly, it's been a catalyst for growth and customer satisfaction. ”

Pizza Drive

Boost loyalty with your brand's personalized mobile app.

Unleash the power of your brand with our intuitive iOS and Android ordering apps. They're not just apps - they're extensions of your restaurant, custom-built to bolster customer loyalty and relationships. Propel your sales into the stratosphere with strategic push and SMS campaigns, all from the comfort of your customer's pocket.

“ As the proud owner of Turo's Heavy Kebab, adopting this service was the smartest move we made. We didn't just grow our business, we thrived. The money we saved by breaking free from the 25% fee per order from third-party aggregators was substantial. But what truly warmed our hearts was being able to pass those savings directly to our customers. Seeing their joy and satisfaction was priceless. This isn't just a service, it's a partnership that cares about our growth and our customers' happiness. ”

Turo's Heavy Kebab

Third-party marketplaces are eating into your profits

Third-party marketplaces, despite their reach, often consume substantial portions of restaurant profits. This pricey sacrifice affects more than just margins—it distances restaurants from their customers, weakening those essential relationships. Foodapp is the remedy to this challenge. This service equips restaurants with personalized mobile apps and websites, replacing the impersonal and costly third-party interfaces. With Foodapp, restaurants not only circumvent steep fees, but also foster a direct connection with their patrons. This leads to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty. Ultimately, Foodapp offers the opportunity to grow profits while simultaneously strengthening customer relationships - a true recipe for success.

Brand Customization

Reflect your restaurant's unique identity with our fully customizable mobile apps and websites. Your brand, your rules.

Cost Efficiency

Say goodbye to the exorbitant fees of third-party aggregators. With Foodapp, preserve your profits and pass the savings onto your valued customers.

Customer Connectivity

Foster deeper connections with your customers. Our direct ordering system enhances customer relationships and boosts loyalty, all from the comfort of their pocket.

Sales-Boosting Campaigns

Leverage the power of push notifications and SMS campaigns. Drive sales and customer engagement with targeted, effective marketing strategies.

Getting direct orders with your own online ordering system could save you thousands.

Use our simple calculator to find out how much your food business can save with your own website or app, powered by FoodApp. We calculate this by comparing a FoodApp-powered solution with the average fee of 25% charged on marketplaces.



Everything you need

A fully-featured digital ordering platform and restaurant growth engine

Accepting orders

Delivery and pick up with unlimited order volume


Accept online payments, credit or debit cards, mobile payments and cash

Sites and apps

Ultra-fast sites and apps with custom domains that are optimized for conversion - hosted by FoodApp at no additional cost


Use the most modern marketing methods including push and SMS campaigns, loyalty/retention, phone marketing and discount codes

Security and privacy

Fraud detection, full GDPR compliance and custom data control

QR code order & pay

QR code ordering system that supports your staff & improves customer experience

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